“Arjola was my son’s piano teacher for 3 1/2 years. He began with Arjola after his prior teacher decided to stay home after her baby was born. My son had already been playing the piano for about 6 years. Arjola became my son’s teacher during those difficult teenage years when he had so many distractions and his interest in piano and his practice time declined greatly. Arjola was able to teach my son so much and kept him playing the piano, even when I feared he would quit after all those years of playing the piano. He was able to learn more complex and difficult pieces, even when he did not practice as he should. Arjola did an outstanding job in working with him at the level of interest and practice he was at. She taught him music theory, piano skills, and often spent time talking to him about his music interests and life aspirations. She is a friendly, positive, energetic, joyful person, full of enthusiasm for the piano and for life in general. One of the things I liked the best about her lessons was the practice log she generated for my son after each lesson, with specific things she wanted him to practice during the week before the next lesson. These logs had very specific goals to accomplish, and helped to focus practice time and stay consistent in recording practice time. Arjola is also very responsible – never late, always keeping up with lesson times and present at all recitals. I would highly, highly recommend Arjola! I am sorry she had to move away. She is an accomplished pianist in her own right, and is passing on her passion, skill, knowledge, and wisdom to the next generation of pianists.”

– Carol Wagner

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