“She is unparalleled in her understanding of music and piano; teaching her students not just how to play but how to perform.”
Kim Wise
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“Arjola’s unique ability to connect with students where they are, and her sheer enthusiasm and infectious joy in music, gently brought Madeleine around to realizing that she could (and should) aim higher.”
Leza Kerr
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“Besides being a great piano teacher, Arjola is also a positive role model for our girls.”
Mylinh LeNguyen
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“Arjola became my son’s teacher during those difficult teenage years when he had so many distractions and his interest in piano and his practice time declined greatly. Arjola was able to teach my son so much and kept him playing the piano, even when I feared he would quit after all those years of playing the piano.”
Carol Wagner
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“Outstanding music lessons! I started taking semi-private lessons as an adult and took lessons from Arjola for four years until she moved to Florida. Arjola was a joy to take lessons from. She is extremely knowledgeable and believes in the Matthay teaching method. I started with no knowledge of the piano or of any musical instrument and quickly learned to play.”
Sonja Price
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“Ms. Miruku taught this 50+ adult, beginning piano. Our relationship lasted for three and half years. She displayed patience, an ability to inspire, and a willingness to work with me to pick pieces I enjoyed playing. Ms. Miruku is passionate about teaching and it was displayed each time we met.”
Garianne Wolff
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Former Student Success Stories


Irán Román is a Music Theorist and Student Researcher conducting his PhD studies in Sound Neuroscience at Stanford University. Born and raised in Uriangato, Mexico, he encountered endless opportunities for discovery in music during his teenage and college years. Studying piano made him curious about the mental processes that musicians and their audiences experience.
Undergraduate majors include Music·
German Studies· Biology. Through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute he is now investigating cognitive and cellular aspects of music perception and had an internship exploring Computer-Based Music Theory and Acoustics and has conducted workshops on Music Neuroscience Research in the US and México.